Garbage pickup is twice per week. 

  • Monday & Thursday - West of River
  • Tuesday & Friday - East of River

Garbage Routes Map

Only black bags with “TRF” printed on them, or the new green bags,  will be picked up by the Sanitation Department and bags must be tied. This means no un-bagged garbage will be picked up. (The only exception is broken glass, which should be boxed separately.) Any questions regarding household or yard waste pickup - call the Sanitation Department at 681-3640 or the Utilities Billing Office at 681-4145.

Bulky Items

Bulky items are picked up the day of normal service. Exception: appliances are picked up on Wednesdays. Freon from appliances is recovered by the City, so please don’t tamper with the compressor lines.

All large items, (i.e., chairs, appliances, TV's,  light truck or car tires, etc.) must have an authorized ORANGE sticker attached to each item to be picked up. Stickers are issued during bag handout, based on the rate schedule.

Extra stickers can be purchased at the Utility Billing Office by calling 218-681-4145 at a cost of $5.00 each.


Boxes will be classified as “bulky items” when filled and a sticker is required. Boxes must be able to be handled by two employees. Four to six smaller boxes will require only one sticker. Empty boxes are picked up at no additional cost.

Construction Debris

The City does not pick up construction debris. This includes roofing, siding, old carpeting etc. Construction debris is the contractor’s responsibility. 

Grass & Yard Waste

Grass Clippings: Residents are encouraged to mulch their grass clippings. There is a disposal site for grass clippings only, located at the Public Works Maintenance Facility at 1121 Atlantic Ave N – this is for UNBAGGED grass clippings only. See map.

Leaf Pickup: Leaves are picked up in the spring and fall by ward.

Branch Pickup: Residents may place bundled branches (maximum 5-foot lengths) at their garbage pickup site. Customers may also bring branches directly to the disposal site at the Public Works Building at 1121 Atlantic Ave N and place them in the clearly marked site. This service is for trees & branches removed from city limits only, and is not for the use of contractors hired for the removal of trees. Any questions please call the Sanitation Dept at 681-3640.

Do's & Don'ts 

Concrete, paint, motor oil, fluorescent bulbs/ballasts, car batteries and other household hazardous items will not be picked up. They would need to be disposed of at Les's Sanitation. 

Don’t fill boxes or bags with dirt or sod – will not be picked up.

Auto parts will not be picked up.

Car & light truck tires are accepted with an orange sticker. 

Don’t put rocks, boards, or concrete in leaf piles – this will damage equipment.

Put all empty corrugated cardboard boxes out separately – no need for sticker.

Put all large items – couches, appliances out with sticker on each piece.

Bag Hand-Out

Homeowners & Renters receive all their bags the first week in June.

Bags are given to the person responsible for payment of the utility bill.

Bags are distributed in June at the Public Works Maintenance Facility located at 1121 Atlantic Ave N.

During all other times, the bags are distributed through the Utilities Billing Office in City Hall. 218-681-4145

Monthly Collection Fees

Bags StickersMonthly Amount














**Based on income   

Options for Additional Bags: If all bags are used before June for homeowners or December for renters.

  • Purchase at $1.50 each.
  • Elect to move up to the next level. Bags will be pro-rated until the next bag distribution date.

Anyone wanting to increase their number of bags must notify Billing Office at 681-4145 prior to the 15th of the month.

Residential customers who drop their utility services for several winter months will be pro-rated on the number of bags they will receive (i.e. 6 months=50 bags; 9 months=75 bags).

Apartments: All multi family dwellings with 4 or more units will be provided with a dumpster and are no longer required to use City of TRF garbage bags. Multi-family building owners will be charged the level 1 rate for each unit in their building in addition to a dumpster fee. Tenants will not be charged directly for sanitation services.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Mark Borseth Public Works Director (218) 681-8506 or (218) 684-1012 - Cell
Mike Olson Public Works Foreman (218) 681-8506