Cemetery Rates

Lot Sales And Perpetual Care
One (1) Grave$480.00 
Perpetual Care 20%$120.00 
One (1) Grave Human Services$400.00 
Perpetual Care 20%$100.00 
One (1) Grave Babyland$100.00 
Perpetual Care 20%$25.00 
Burial Fees
Cremains Burial  
 Regular Hours$425.00 
 Outside of Regular Hours$625.00 
         November 15 - April 30$850.00 
Interment in a single grave   
 Regular Hours$800.00 
 Outside of Regular Hours$1,000.00 
       November 15 - April 30$1,200.00 
Interment in Babyland  
 Regular Hours$325.00 
 Outside of Regular Hours$525.00 
       November 15 - April 30$850.00 
Disinterment (Summer Months 4/15 -11/15 Only)  
 Regular Hours Only$750.00 
Monument Location Fee (if not at the time of funeral)  
 Regular Hours$150.00 
 Outside of Regular Hours$250.00 
 Note: Only flat markers are allowed in Block 1, South Greenwood First Addition