Grass/Lawn Mowing Ordinance

drawing of a red lawn mower

In accordance with City Code, Section 91.37, it is unlawful to allow grass and weeds to grow to a height greater than six inches on private property.

Lawn inspections generally take place every two weeks from May-September. 

Violation of this Ordinance on property located in city limits will receive a letter allowing seven days for the property to be mowed and/or trimming of weeds. If property is not mowed in seven days, the City will mow the grass and weeds and you will be billed for the services incurred. 

Pursuant to City Code Section 91.43, should other violations of the above City Code occur within 6 months after the date of the initial notice, the City is not required to give you additional notices of violation. The City may abate for those violations without additional notice to you and you will be responsible for the charges.

If you have any questions about the City's ordinances regulating grass and weed mowing, please call us at the Building Officials Office at 681-2500.