AMI - Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Part of the AMI system installation, will be the replacement of all existing electric meters with digital meters and the addition of a radio device by all water meters. These digital readings will travel via a wireless communications network called a RF mesh network; the result, being more accurate readings in a more timely fashion. Both water and electric readings will travel through the “mesh” of electric meters to find its way to the gateways installed at four to five locations. From there the readings enter the fiber system and end up as regular meter readings in the Billing Office.

electrical meter electrical meter

Each meter is one link in the “mesh” and will automatically transmit it’s data along with other meter data through the mesh and pass it along to the next meter. Each transmission takes only approximately 1.5 seconds.

This RF Mesh network is 100 percent self-forming and self-healing. In other words, the nodes in the mesh network automatically establish and maintain network connectivity.

typical residential metering network architecture diagram

In addition to meter reading, the network will be used for controlling load and street lighting, now called demand response or DR, monitoring wastewater lift stations, substations, and other electric and water equipment.

Yukon Advanced Energy Services Platform by Cooper Power Systems is the software that will run the systems. Its modular design provides large or small utilities with a single, secure platform. Yukon is used by more than 250 utilities of all sizes.

Project Status