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Utilities Billing Office

405  Third Street East

PO Box 528

(Main Floor of City Hall)

218 681-4145        218 683-7343 fax


Services Billed Monthly





Storm Water

Infinity Wind Energy (optional)

Adopt-A-Light (optional)


Current Rates - All Utilities


Northern Municipal Power Agency

Minnkota Power Cooperative



All customers must complete an application for utilities service form.  Residential     Commercial

All municipal utility charges are the primary responsibility of the owner of the premises served, unless contracted for in writing by a tenant, using the application form.



$200.00  -  Minimum Deposit

$350.00  -  With Electric Heat

See deposit policy for details.


Due Dates

All municipal utilities are billed monthly.  The bills are mailed the last working day of the month, and are due by the 10th day of the next month.  For example, the bill mailed on March 31st, is due by April 10th.  If the 10th falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the due date is extended to the close of business on the next succeeding day that we are open for business.  A penalty equal to 10% of the current charges, less sales tax, is added after the due date and becomes part of the total due.



  • In person                      405 Third St. E.

  • Mail                             Postmarked by the 10th

  • Drive-up drop box          Located on the south side in the City Hall parking lot

  • Automatic payment       Utility Check

  • Budget Plan                  With electric heat only

  • Credit/Debit Cards         In person, by mail, telephone, or online at the City's Web store


Approximately 10 days after the due date, delinquent notices are mailed out, giving seven days to pay before service could be disconnected.  Payment arrangements after this notice is mailed are the responsibility of the customer.  From October 15th to April 15th, winter cut rules apply.  Winter cut rules do not mean that service can’t be disconnected during this period; payment arrangements still need to be made.


Budget Plan

A budget payment is available to customers with electric heat as their primary heat source.



Please call before leaving for the winter.  Garbage charges will be removed for the time the customer is gone and the number of garbage bags will be adjusted accordingly.  If the customer wants the water shut off, the water and sewer charges will also be removed until your return.  The water must be shut off in the street and the house must be checked by City personnel inside to verify that the water is off.  There is a charge to disconnect.  Call again upon your return to resume service. 


Meter Accuracy

Meters usually slow down with age.  City ordinance allows for a plus or minus 3% accuracy.  The City tests both electric and water meters on a regular basis.  If the customer feels a meter is inaccurate, a $25.00 deposit is required.  After testing, if the meter is within the 3% guidelines, the deposit is forfeited.  If it is not within the guidelines, adjustments in billing are made, either up or down, for the previous six months.


Misc. Fees

There are no fees for connection or disconnection while moving in or out of a residence or business.

Reconnect fee for non-payment          $ 25.00

After hours reconnect fee                  $175.00

NSF check charge                             $30.00

Water disconnect fee                         $25.00



Garbage is picked up two times per week.  Monday and Thursday on the West side of river, Tuesday and Friday on the East side of river.

All garbage must be in bags marked TRF, distributed by the City.  Bags, and stickers for large items, are available in the Utilities Billing Office.  See complete details and map. 


Infinity Wind Energy

Customers have the option of purchasing renewable wind energy for an extra 30 cents ($.30) per 100-kilowatt-hour block.  Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc. owns and operates two wind turbines that provide wind energy for the Joint System.  The Joint System includes area cooperatives and the Northern Municipal Power Agency (NMPA).  Thief River Falls is headquarters for the NMPA.    Sign-up

Check out Coyote Station, NMPA owns 30% of it. Or try this link.

Minnkota Power Cooperative

This website contains information on our wind energy sources including Infinity, Ashtabula, and Langdon, when it is generating, copies of the Minnkota Messenger magazine, operating statistics, and news releases,  along with  links to PowerSavers, TogetherWeSave, and facts on generating with coal from the Lignite Energy Council and Partners for Affordable Energy.


Due to budget cuts, the City Council has directed the midnight street light circuit be off from midnight to 7:00 AM.

Citizens can “adopt-a light”, for a monthly, fee, which will allow a designated midnight street light (each street light has a number) on their block to be on all night without control at midnight.

The monthly fee to allow a midnight street light to be on all night is $2.00. The customer has to designate the number on the street light.  The $2.00 per month fee is to recover the cost of electricity for the midnight to 7:00 AM time period.  The minimum time period for the fee is one year.  If the customer does not contact the City at the end of one year, the City will continue the fee for another year. 

The City will continue to do maintenance on the street light.  No refund of the fee will be given if the street light is not operational due to maintenance problems or scheduled maintenance.

Contact the City Utilities Billing Office at 681-4145, stop by the Billing Office and request to adopt a street light or print the form here.